Manchester, UK

Over the past 10 months, I have lived in one of the most exciting cities in Europe; Manchester. Know for it’s high population of students, Manchester is considered a mecca of music, art, food and culture. A student myself, I found the experience to be one of the most important, exciting and enjoyable I have come across so far (In all my 19 years on this planet)! In this post I am hoping to sum up my entire year in a nut shell.

I found my life there was filled with such diversity that it helped me learn a lot about different groups of people and what types of people I wish to surround myself with. In a city with so much choice, it was easy to find something to do every day. Apart from university, the majority of life was well spent socializing, going out at night, eating out (because what student can cook??) The choices of finding somewhere to go for a drink is endless! No matter what I was in the mood for, I knew I could find somewhere to go. Be it somewhere that suited everyone’s taste in all in one club (Factory 251 and Fifth Avenue who play both indie, chart and dance), clubs which are dedicated to certain genres (The Venue/42nd Street for indie and Sankeys for house and techno), a student pub/bar for a quiet drink (The Courtyard, The Garrett and The Font) a more expensive, ‘grown up’ drink (The majority of the bars in the Northern Quarter) or for a glam night out (The Gay Village, Canal Street). Many a night was spent having arguments on where to go out as apart from this, the only other places we (‘we’ being myself and my flatmates) seen were our bedroom and kitchen walls, and university lecture theaters! There are also just as many places to grab food as there are bars, meaning one would never go hungry, regardless of craving or lack of money! A few of my favorites are Almost Famous, Dogs n Dough and Albert’s Shed. I must also say something about the shopping. It’s ace! Personally, I don’t really like going to big mall’s a lot, therefore love all the independent shops in the Northern Quarter, in particular Affleck’s palace. Not just home to clothes shops, but sweet shops, piercing and tattoo shops, coffee shops and fancy dress shops. Its heaven!

In summary, Manchester has everything you need to have a brilliant time; lots of people, lots of bars, lots of restaurants and lots of shops! Happy Days! I hope to live there again in the near future to explore more hidden corners of this exciting city.

20 21 June 2012 053

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